Djs and Video Djs


Here at 9 Events we only use London’s finest DJ’S  that have played for a host of celebrities and high profile events. They work closely with our clients to create playlists and come up with the right selection of music for the event.

Unlike many companies you will actually meet the DJ for your event and can communicate your requirements and ideas directly.
Music is one of the most important elements to a night and we are here to make sure your dancefloor is the place to be all night long.


With an impressive 12 years of experience and Dj’aying all over the world for a wide range of clients and events has enabled Jonny to become a innovative and creative DJ in his field combining many styles of music to keep the dance floor the place to be seen.Jonny is an expert at reading a crowd and mixing music together seamlessly and regularly plays at top west end nightclubs and high profile events. His music collection is vast and has all the latest pop hits which makes him a favourite at bar & bat mitzvahs.


Dan has been D’jaying for over 15 years, playing for top celebs and high profile events and a true crowd pleaser. Dan has every style of music known to man and will always read the crowd perfectly and keep the dance floor the place to be seen.


Want something truly different and spectacular… DJ Jonny Bluestone and Dan-H to play back to back and really rock your dancefloor!


Video djaying uses music videos as well as music and offers a visually mesmorising experience.

Using screens guests can see videos to the music being played, visuals can also be mixed in using a live camera feed to really give you a visually exciting experience.

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CUSTOM DANCE FLOOR GRAPHIC Bar Mitzvah - Marriott Swiss Cottage CUSTOM VISUAL Wedding - Gilgamesh Studios